About VUSTE- APIS, Ltd

We're the company, the offers the services for government organizations and industrial companies in many branch their activities. We participate on the projects for local also central authorities the administration, grown - up, middle and small business: 

  • We develop, introduce and servicing extensive SW applications for the controls systems state repair
  • For central establishment process the study, the information system of the funds management, we control the significant state Programs supports development.
  • Our consumers from order entrepreneurial sphere help process the business studies, drive significant projects and help them with financing their projects from promotive funds CR and EU. As well them help in hand on obtaining certificate quality according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2000.
  • Deal with education, distribution seminars, shows and congress

We're ctreated the new structure of the methods and know-how, the net services and continual cooperative partners

Behind its existence we disposed hundred positive reference about the solving business technology, economies, policy, organization, informative systems, economic systems drive, technical development and construction, projects production technology inclusive optimalization production activity, standardization consumption time and work, human resources, management and business environmentalism.

We're members to many association and federations.

 Historically we're oriented on progressive technological, software, economic and organizational solving development industry and state sphere. Step by step we're from experimental constitution for machine, technology and economy (VUSTE) after a year 1989 transformed in modern software and counselling firm that the go out from original engineering profession and from personal wealthy experience.

Reside in own object in Velflikova street, in Prague 6 - Dejvice, where as well offer subletting and services whole row firms. Our second administrative object in Sokolovska street No. 80, in Prague 9 serves as well like rear series firms.


Technical and organizational research institute engineering


Rise experimental institution conversant centrally engineering problems. Are based and evolve new enclosure (organizational structure companies, rationalization, standardization, escalation production effectiveness, ...). TOVUS step by step stated helper and part of consciousness engineers whole then business sphere.


Research institute engineering technology and economies


Step by step action experimental constitution broadened on whole department universal machine. Institution except business sphere he began deal with macroeconomics, built technological of realization centre, had several extensions, operate educational engineering institute and clearing - house VTEI for line machine. In 80. years had VUSTE more as 1 200 employees.


VUSTE APIS, agency for consultancy and engineering services


After a year 1989 was VUSTE (part economy and technology engineering company) step by step transformed and privatize on VUSTE- APIS..

 In the year 2007 we're celebrated anniversary 55 years persistency ours company!

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