We are engaged in the development and implementation of SW, we offer SW products, we provide our customers with a wide range of services focused mainly on the management of organizations in many areas.

VUSTE-APIS, s.r.o.

We are a Czech company providing services to state organizations and industrial enterprises in many fields of their business. We participate in projects for local and central government agencies, for large, medium and small businesses.
For central institutions we prepare studies, information management systems of the Funds, administer significant state programs of support for development, administration and management of public contracts.
We help our customers from the business sphere to process business plans, manage major projects and help them secure the financing of their projects from support funds of the Czech Republic and the EU. We also help them in preparation for obtaining the quality certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2015.


IMS Policy

O U R   H I S T O R Y 

1. 9. 1952


Technical and organization research institute of engineering 

Establishment of a research institution dealing with central engineering issues. New fields are established and developed (organizational structures of enterprises, rationalization, standardization, increasing production efficiency, ...). TOVUS has gradually become an assistant and a part of the technicians' awareness of the then corporate sphere.

1. 4. 1964


Research institute of engineering technologies and economics

Gradually, the scope of the research institute was extended to the whole general engineering sector.
In addition to the business sector, the institute started to work on macroeconomics, built a technology implementation center, had several branches, operated an educational engineering institute and a VTEI information center for the engineering industry.
In the 1980s, VUSTE had more than 1,200 employees.

1. 1. 1993


consulting and engineering services agency

After 1989, VUSTE (a part of economy and technology
of engineering company) was gradually transformed
and privatized to VUSTE-APIS, representing a modern software and consulting firm that came from the original engineering professions and its own rich experience.

1993 - 2000


At this stage of modern history, the company focused on consulting companies and prepared organizational projects for companies for the second wave
of privatization (ZDAS, ETA Hlinsko). At the same time, she focused on technological rationalization projects
(eg LOKO). Experience with SW for company management was used in the SW management system of the State Environmental Fund
(since 1993 - now).

2000 - 2015


In 2000, cooperation with the Agricultural Intervention Fund (SAIF) was launched - SW for national subsidies.
After joining the EU, VUSTE-APIS developed a system
for managing the Common Agricultural Market Organizations.
Since 2004, we have been providing a similar system for the Slovak Agricultural Paying Agency. Activities
in the service sector for the corporate sector continued in the form of advice on obtaining European subsidies.

2015 - now


The company is fully dedicated to developing SW for paying agencies in the EU and is developing an application for managing ISO standards in business practice (VAMAXis). We cooperate on technical development projects where we supply knowledge portals, process large data (bigData) and start developing applications in the Industry 4.0 concept. We process projects in the field of non-traditional technologies, machining of noble materials, construction of cam mechanisms, control of technological units and robots.

1. 9. 2019

67 years anniversary of the company

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