Project management


Do you want to include all your employees in managing your business? Are you a fast growing organization?
Want to have an instant view of your business status from anywhere in the globalized business world?
VAMAX is your solution.

Real management of your company

By introducing VAMAX project management, you and all your employees will have an immediate and complete overview of your company's production status.

Jointly sharing information

All your project management participants will share everything in a single system (processes, projects, goals, plans, risks) with high integration.
They will contribute to its improvement.
They will communicate together and grow and grow together.

Project management

Get to know the VAMAX components of project management and instantly recognize its performance and benefits for you:


You are well aware of how difficult it is to maintain the dynamics of change and improve corporate productive processes by classical means. At the same time, processes are the basis of the entire project management.
With VAMAX project management you will have your processes constantly under scrutiny. And not only that. You will use them for the benefit of the company's results and your achievements!

Company strategy, goals, indicators

VAMAX connects goals and indicators from the Company's Strategy to Processes.
This is the basis of the whole system. Therefore, you can clearly manage your processes, incl. changes.


All company projects are defined according to the processes of your organization and realize your goals within these processes.


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects. Speed up your projects and increase productivity. Use the potential of your employees on your projects. Get instant and complete information about project status from anywhere across the Internet. Take into account all aspects that influence the quality of project management. Don't break the rules - improve them!
Try it project management in VAMAX according to PRINCE2 and PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition.

Company strategy, goals, indicators

Projects are managed and evaluated in VAMAX in the context of the company's strategy, which implements the strategy objectives.

Management, resources, people, communication

Projects are managed on the principle of work-flow. They record and balance capacities, deadlines, and provide communication between solvers.


In VAMAX project management, you will immediately and convincingly test how important and easy to set process goals and project goals are. You will always create and manage your goals with measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
You will identify and track KPIs in each managed project in the VAMAX dascards on-line to the organization's goals and strategy.

Company strategy

Company strategy defines business vision and mission and defines goals

KPI (performance indicators)

Objectives are quantified by performance indicators, measurable quantities.

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