Don't avoid standards
use them to manage your business
improve them for your benefit

Your established ISO standards clearly in a single
integrated system - IMS

VAMAXis manages companies and ISO standards.
You get space and time to improve your processes.
All this in one and well-arranged application on the web portal.

Instant availability through the cloud

The main advantage of VAMAXis provided by SaaS through the cloud compared to desktop applications is the quick use without the need to install HW or SW, the availability of 24 hours 365 days a year from any location in the world, when only the internet connection is the only condition.

All in one system, integration, mobility and security

Even your business can create the foundation for effective management with VAMAXis.

VAMAXis means

Information system for effective company management fulfilling the requirements of ISO standards based on the principle of an integrated management system

Function and benefits of instalation VAMAXis

Effective management

Recording a business strategy with precisely defined and measurable goals, including continuous monitoring of their performance, tracking the leadership of business processes to meet key goals with the ability to intervene immediately is the basic for effective management.

Involvement of all employees

Specifically, it defines the responsibilities and responsibilities of individual positions and clearly identifies their position in the organizational structure, including interdependence and interdependencies.
It also improves employee motivation and increases the transfer of know-how within the company - the established management system gives employees the opportunity to improve their staff and thus less fluctuation.

Increase the efficiency of the IMS system

Effective user involvement ensures increased efficiency in the integrated management system by engaging end-users in the planned activities through tasks and monitoring capacity, resources and total costs. This also contributes to increasing the company's competitiveness.

Management awareness

The company management has an overview and background for continuous improvement thanks to the mechanisms created for systematic awareness of system efficiency and effectiveness.

Error prevention

It focuses on preventing and eliminating errors, thereby occurring reducing costs because it precedes disagreements. Preventive activities ensure that the nonconformities will not be repeated.



With this module, you set up an integrated management system plan, plan all ISM activities in accordance with ISO standards and standards, and plan management.


This module defines the company strategy and sub-strategies. The strategy includes core items such as Vision, Mission and Goals, which are tracked using key performance indicators (KPIs).


In VAMAXis, all activities are linked in their modules through processes and depicted in the process map.

Controlled documentation

The module allows you to manage changes to electronic documents subject to registration, approval, update, change management and download mode.


The module contains all the necessary tools and information to plan, prepare, implement, draw conclusions and approve internal audit.

Risk management

A highly configurable and integrated module that enables organizations to collect and manage data and documents about risks which threatening their activities.


1. Pre-implementation analysis

It is used to define IS requirements and design an IS concept (contained modules) together with the customer.

2. Realization

Based on the proposed concept, important data will be migrated to start the system and the user will be trained by the consultant according to the schedule.

3. Working after initial implementation

A consultant will be available to the customer at this stage. It also includes updates and upgrades to VAMAXis, after which we will conduct a one-time training with a consultant.

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