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C O M P L E T E D   P R O J E C T S 

Classical and electronic cams mechanisms for advanced applications in industry

The aim of the project was to develop the application possibilities of classic and electronic cams for industrial use with an emphasis of their application in increasing the performance parameters of machines and equipment and in the implementation of automation of production processes.

Internet knowledge portal of technical information of cam mechanisms - IPTI

Creation of a knowledge portal, the basic function of which is the possibility of optimal storage, updating, supplementation, maintenance, targeted distribution and above all protection of information and knowledge for use in corporate R&D departments, but also for external stakeholders to support their interest in the company's production. Testing of the operation of the Internet knowledge portal (IPTI) of the technical base base (BATEZ), with processing of the results into an application version. Technical support.

Filling the database of the online knowledge portal of technical information on cam mechanisms

Specification of the information and knowledge required for the technical development of the defined field within the corporate R&D concept. Creation of a technical information base (BATEZ), taking into account the needs that are continuously being developed. This involves filling the database according to clearly defines rules, respecting subsequent electronic processing. 

Advanced technologies for machining metallic, non-metallic, ceramic and special materials with high-pressure waterjet

The aim of the VUSTE-APIS project was the implementation of the Internet Knowledge Portal (IPZ), which enables project management and communication of the researchers, management of scientific and technical information and high-pressure waterjet technology, operation of the cutting parameters database and the knowledge database.

Internet portal

Installation and start-up, testing the basic functions of the portal (User panel, IPZ Administration, IPU Helpdesk, Document) and start of operation.

IPZ Dials

The most important part of the solution of stage E2 was setting up different types of dials. These record the list of used quantities and their units. It also contains an important import of data in MS Excel file into the IPZ database. 

Comparsion of selected experiments

Comparison of the parametres achieved by machining the same material (and the same abrasive thickness). The parameters of roughness and quality of the machined surface and compared depending on different feed rates.

IPZ Helpdesk

Users write down their requests of problems directly in the system. The IPZ helpdesk is connected to the central VUSTE-APIS helpdesk and communication between the customers and the solver is therefore fast and efficient.

Research and development of higher durability extruded tools for hot metal extrusion

The aim of the project was to develop and implement the production of a press head with higher durability using the results of the technology for the production of high-performance nickel alloys, the use of special patterns, highly resistant coatings and high-speed refractory coatings.

Creation and launch of the Knowledge Internet Portal (ZIP) and verification

The basic task of the knowledge web portal will be to store, accutalize, update, maintain, distribute and protect information and knowledge for the use of beneficiary's and partners' R&D during the Project.

Testing and productive operation of ZIP

Development of a dialog knowledge system and data populating. User use of ZIP by providing knowledge, technical information and lab test information for design and manufacture of the press head. Providing maintanance of the productive operation of the web application (ZIP) including user support and changes.

Development of special abrasives for machining of difficult to machine materials using AWJ technology, including a prototype SMART recycling line according to Industry 4.0 principles

The aim of the project was to support research and development in the field of recovery of secondary raw materials from end-of-life products and materials. Part of the project solution is the targeted recycling of already used abrasives with and assumption of 60-70% raw material recovery, high resource efficiency with a positive impact environmental impact. 

Internet knowledge portal and abrasives for AWJ technology

It will allows solvers to store and access the results of laboratory analysis of abrasives and their cutting properties.

AWJ users

provide information on the appropriate abrasive for the required technology based on the expert system principle. The web-based knowledge portal will process data from the operation of the recycling line and use newly developed algorithms (models, networks and simulation) to control the line technology based on the Industry 4.0 principle.

Research and development of optimization of machining of difficult to machine materials.

The aim of the project was research and development of optimization of machining technology of highly alloyed hardened tool steels using Industry 4.0 tools.

Internet portal

To select basic technological parameters and tools for machining difficult to machine materials in order to increase adaptibility and efficiency interdisciplinary research.

Definice datové struktury
(Big Data)

The most important part of the E3 stage solution is the definition of the data structure of the repository (BigData) based on the result continuously obtained from the solution (measurements, lab tests).

Project management tools

Installation and operation of project management tools - use of the portal, for monitoring project performance and for communication between researchers.

Use of data

Under technological control, collection of data from individual sensors, continuous evaluation and replenishment of the database. Solution of tools for basic data control: repositories (data forms, overviews and reports).

R E S O L V E D   P R O J E C T S 

Development of a system for environmental impact assessment of polygraphic products by LCA method.

The aim of the project is the development of a complex system for identification, data collection and optimization of environmental impacts of standardized printing products on the environment. The output of the project will be the development of a functional sample, software with further specified characteristics and a validated technology. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

Management Knowledge Portal

Unique applicable system for streamlining the management of a printing company providing top managers with an effective tool for decision support based on immediate and accurate information in real and predictive mode about the status and parameters of managed business processes.

Big Data

The design and implementation of the database, including the means used, will respect the use of big data processing methods (BigData). The cloud will be used for this purpose.

Multi-purpose modular system for harvesting stumps and other commodities

The aim is to develop a prototype of a skidding head for stump extraction with an integrated modular system for handling and transporting the extracted timber.

Instalation and validation

of internet technical knowledge portal for efficient ecological harvesting of dendromass.

Development of the general model

An online technical knowledge portal for the testing of funtional samples of a skid steer and high volume trailer with selected accessories.

Optimizing real-time control of custom piece production using IoT and digital technologies

The aim of the project is the R&D and verification (pilot application) of a unique, reusable system for real-time optimization of custom piece production management technology, using big data processing (BigData) - generated at individual production sections, processed using artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 principles - optimized for subsequent decision-making in production management using ICT.

Internet knowledge portal

Unique and applicable system for managing complex projects. It will allow remote access and communication between all the project subjects. 

Big Data

The design and implementation of the database, including the resources used, will respect the use of big data processing methods (BigData). The cloud will be used for this purpose.