Enterprise Knowledge Management. A platform to fully exploit the knowledge potential of the company and employees.

Knowledge portals

Our solution will unify your knowledge in one place in the internet portal. It allows you to access all stored electronic documentation. Connect knowledge from all your business processes to a single system that is differentially accessible to all your employees.
Knowledge is available from anywhere on the Internet.
You do not need additional applications to connect employees. We have prepared everything for you in the cloud, in the form of a service. Highly secure and configurable environment.

Your Knowledge Portal is an entry into the world of a learning self-learning organization.

Increasing communication and innovation

Share knowledge between employees and organization in global space. Increase knowledge flow among your experts and collaborate on projects in one place.

Mobility, acceleration, lead

The knowledge portal provides quick access to all important information, its evaluation and synergic sharing effect. Getting ahead of the competition by reacting instantly to changes.

Organization's knowledge portal

The Knowledge Portal is an Internet-based application that is the only point of access to an organization's knowledge, integrating knowledge repositories, professional directories, collaboration tools, and knowledge-enhancing applications.

DMS, Document management system, elektronic documents, including scientific and technical information, product reviews, research reports, test results, ...
PLM Product Lifecycle management, CA-System Outputs, construction Documents, technological and manufacturing information about products, CAD, CAM, NC Programs,
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, Information from applications which the organization is managed. The knowledge portal integrates and interprets selected economic data from accounting, production management, business, and running projects.

This Knowledge Portal is the only platform that allows organizations to manage their formal learning while sharing informal knowledge in one place.
Discover the knowledge retained in your organization with intuition and creativity support.
Join and work with colleagues. 
Stimulate a vivid flow of knowledge through your organization.
Effective knowledge distribution that is accessible through multiple devices.
Desktop and mobile access (SmartPhone, Tablet).
It integrates with existing enterprise systems.
Fully configurable and provided in a secure environment. cloud computing.

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Learning organization cyclus

Don't just try to teach your employees. Put them in the world of knowledge, let them participate in their creation, improvement and success.

Definition requirement of new solution 

Build and use your knowledge platform as a basic growth information tool and prepare your new solutions on time.

Development, production, use of knowledge

Multiply the efficiency and effectiveness of your realization processes by leveraging your organization's knowledge, always accessible from the portal.

Verification and testing

Keep all the outputs of your projects, functional tests and tests in one portal access point. They will always be available to you.

Realization, operation and services

Acquire, store and use your customer knowledge, about the operation of your products, and the services you provide.

Improvement and learning organization

Let the portal serve your employees to learn, improve and grow.
Get your knowledge portal...


1. Immediate use

Immediately after you confirm your order, you will be given access to your knowledge portal on cloud. You don't need any servers, you don't need HW or SW, just internet access and a web browser. You start working immediately.

2. Rapid adoption

First steps in portal adoption you will do under the careful guidance of our consultants and specialists. We will teach your representative everything about the administration of your portal users, about information security.
The price of services includes training your users and constant service support.

3. Adaptation

All settings are supported by custom dials that allow maximum user customization.

4. Maximum support

We provide consulting support that ensures the correct setup and proper use of the portal.

I M P L E M E N T E D  knowledge portals

Abrasives internet portal for AWJ

Web portal of knowledge about cam mechanisms

Logging knowledge internet portal

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