Empoyment for students and graduates

Programming work

We are looking for students and graduates for programming work, in the form of long-term cooperation, or even permanent employment. We are looking for work on promising projects for creating web applications for administration
of state organizations and development of internet portals
for domestic and foreign customers. Our company is located
in close proximity to CTU in Prague Dejvice and near CULS
in Suchdol, and therefore the location enables permanent contact with the faculty.

Required abilities

Ability to write clean, clear and optimized code including documentation.
Working with internal and commercial frameworks.
Emphasis on user-friendliness in the front-end section.

Required knowledge

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript: Working with DOM, AJAX, XML, JSON, implementation of cross-browser code, awareness of functional programming, JavaScript closures, function scope.
Advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS
Basic knowledge of HTTP, Java, SQL.
Orientation in Linux OS and application server management.

We offer you

Opportunity to join a talented team of great and nice people in a stable Czech company with newly reconstructed premises and take
advantage of:

• Flexible working time adjustment
• Interesting pay conditions and benefits
• Working in a friendly team and a pleasant newly renovated environment
• Possibility of permanent employment
• Career development
and the possibility of using the knowledge in the final graduation theses.

I'm interested in position

if you are interested in the offer, leave us a message

we are looking forward to seeing you at the interview

Phone: +420 220 188 401
Email: vuste-apis@vuste-apis.cz

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